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Free Trial! (beta)

Yes, Free! Free as the wind blows, as the grass grows. Free as the crow flies and the river flows!

Now, this is going to sound crazy, but before signing up for free, I’d like you to humor me for just a short moment please. If you’re a little bit braver than the rest and have some coin to spare, I encourage you to read about our founder’s packages. I will be providing a STEEP discount on this service for LIFE as a way of thanking those who are brave enough to help a brand new start-up with a little bit of financial backing during our beta launch. I would like to present my case on why this will help everyone! >>Read more here<< (it’ll only take a moment! You can come right back if you don’t like, I promise!)

So; sadly, nothing is ever “really” free, is it?

If you have read about all the awesome benefits I will be providing in our founder’s packages, and would still like to try the program for free first, that’s okay too!
I’m happy to have you aboard!
But like I pointed out on the package page, founder’s campaigns will have priority over free campaigns, and will be set up on a first-come-first-serve basis. Free campaigns will only be set up once founder’s campaigns are set up. Unfortunately, set up is still a somewhat manual process for me… (we’re working on that!)

To help you make your decision, the free package includes set up of 1 domain in the link network, with 1 keyword of your choice. It would be beneficial (in this case) to pick a mid-competition keyword in order to track any changes a little bit better. The link network is designed to steadily provide links and sustained growth; it will not provide benefit “over-night” though. It should hopefully be able to provide some positive impact to your selected keyword during the free trial period. You will not be billed, but we will send you a short summary at the end of the free period (along with a request for optional feedback) to help you make the decision on if the program is right for you.

The free trial period is anticipated to last for 1 month from the time your campaign is set up. You will be emailed once your campaign is set up and your month has began!

Free Link Network Package Details:

  • Price: $27.00 FREE during beta! (One-Time) (free during beta)
  • Setup Fee: $47.00 – Waived
  • Includes:
    • 1 monthNot rebilled
    • 1 “money” site, base-url only (no sub-pages)
    • 1 keyword
    • Secondary keywords will be selected to support chosen keyword

Your free month will begin after your campaign is set up.