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About SEO Link Net

Thank you for visiting our site. Here, we will share a little bit about SEO Link Net, our background and where we’d like to go.

Why start an SEO Link Network?

Short answer: to make ranking easy!
Well, I have a long background in network marketing, with a lot of focus on Internet Marketing (IM) and began learning a lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help rank my sites for keywords, and thus: get more money from my marketing efforts. Why bother with a business if you can’t make money, or at least provide some other benefit to yourself (or others), right? Now, long ago, it was SUPER easy to rank for your target keywords. I could have a site online, making money and ranking VERY well in as little as 2 weeks.
Things can change quickly!
As SEO’s turned to more and more nefarious methods of gaining rank, the search engines were forced to either let it happen, or fight against these methods. They made the obvious choice… Practically overnight (well, the course of many months, really), the engines adjusted their ranking algorithms, and many sites that utilized the old methods experienced rapid loss of rank (and potentially full de-indexing). Ultimately, incomes dropped (namely my own!) and many people looked for alternatives.

Private Blog Networks (BN) have been a suitable alternative for some time (as long as they are designed well). But, they can be costly to set up and maintain. The time involved to maintain these networks can often require more work than running our own business did to begin with!

Now, we’ve all probably heard of link wheels, pyramids, link rings, chains, etc etc etc. The problem is, these shaped, inorganic structures are incredibly easy for search engines to find. This often results in deindexing of those sites, and loss of the gain that resulted from their use. Back to square one!

So, I set out to effectively create an algorithm that would mimic the naturally flowing, organic linking structures that seem to support higher ranked sites. This program turned into a much larger vision: to create the best SEO Link Network!

How does the link network work?

… of course you’d ask that. Now, we can’t give specifics, but we can tell you a few things about our design objectives and why we have designed the network in this way. I’ll also tell you what we DON’T do (and WHY).

  • Share the details of ANY sites participating in this network. YOUR anonymity is assured!
  • Share or provide information ABOUT the sites that make up the network. OUR anonymity is assured!
  • Spam other people’s blogs/forums/comments/etc. Spam links just don’t work! They haven’t in a very long time.
  • Create link-wheels, -pyramids, -spheres, -triangles, -rings (or ANY other identifiable shape for that matter…)
  • Create 10,000 links overnight (OMG, NEVER DO THIS!!!)
  • Create a bazillion links with the exact same anchor text (And no, don’t you go do this either!)
  • Host websites or Register domains with the same provider for every site in the network. This can potentially be a footprint.
  • and we don’t worry too much about exact-match domains for ranking! This hardly matters anymore and EMD’s do not hold the sway they used to.

We DO:

  • Slowly create links, drip-fed style! Most would agree that gradual link velocity is the best way to build links transparently.
  • Randomize variations on link anchors (including generics) to provide a more natural link pattern.
  • Use fuzzy logic that allows the network to grow and create itself spontaneously and in a way that does not leave a pattern/footprint.
  • Source content from a variety of locations, specific to supporting your ranking objectives
  • Host on a wide variety of IPs (dedicated and shared) and Servers
  • Cluster our network across a multitude of “micro-networks” that are designed to create ambiguity in the shape of the network
  • Link to random “out of network” sites as well to further help our clients enjoy our services with more anonymity!
  • and we plan to add domains to the network all the time!

Is this Black-hat? Grey-hat? White-hat?

I think we both know the answer to this one…
So yeah, this is pretty obviously black-hat overall. Participating in paid link building is a violation of the TOS of pretty much every major search engine. Link building schemes themselves are a violation as well. Automating the process is a way to violate practically every TOS we can think of…

Now, we have taken every effort to provide a network that should *hopefully* be transparent enough to avoid discovery, de-indexing, and penalty to our members. However, the choice to pay for services is entirely up to you, as the site owner. As such, we claim no responsibility or liability for use of this service.