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What do we do?

What we do, is quite simple: we help your website rank!
Or at least, that’s the goal! We are currently in an open beta right now and are offering free membership to a limited number of subscribers. We invite you to test us out for your website.
Also! For a limited time we are offering all of our packages at reduced rates through our special founder plans!

No payment required until your campaign is setup and ready to go!

Who we are:

SEOLinkNet is currently ran by a single software engineer with a long-standing background in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and a passion for reviewing many of the creative solutions to online marketing. I have seen many trends come and go, and have taken part in many different old-and-new programs that were designed to help web pages rank. My passion though, has always leaned more towards automation, and how we can leverage computers to do many of the tasks that we perform repeatedly.

What is SEOLinkNet?

SEO Link Net was born out of my desire to bring back the “push-button” easy SEO of days gone by… I have seen far too many programs come and go, that all delivered exceptional value in the short-term, but after the Search Engines began cracking down on some of these methods, it became obvious that designing a better back link methodology would be an absolute key to delivering exceptional value to the world of SEO back-linking. Quite frankly, I missed being able to “fire-and-forget” my SEO routine, and being a software developer, I naturally despise routine, boring task-driven “typical” SEO work… So, I spent countless months analyzing various link structures from dozens of top-ranking websites, with literally hundreds of secondary pages, which turned into thousands upon thousands of ranked and indexed sites. These were tracked further backwards, all while analyzing recurring patterns in link structure, keyword emphasis and generics, page content and so on, until I had gathered enough data to begin making a design of my own that I felt would be able to (with time) deliver on the dream of easy-ranking, once again. is the culmination of this analysis, combined with many more months of challenging coding and problem solving to deliver (what I feel) is a perfect solution to organic rank and link building.

Sign up for free!
While we are in open beta, I am providing the option for ANYBODY that wants to try out this wonderful linking program to try out free membership for a month. No catch, no strings attached! I realize that it can be difficult to justify paying for “yet another SEO backlink program” when (quite frankly), nothing has worked for some time now. It is my hope that after trying the program, you will see the value that this will bring to your business.

No payment required until your campaign is setup and ready to go!